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Herbal PET DENTAL Toothpaste for Dogs & Cats No FluorideNo Salt No Sodium

Clean Teeth & Fresh Breath

From the finest natural ingredients, uniquely blending with our exclusive formula, our therapeutic properties excellently reduce gum problems and delicately dissolve stains, leaving your pet teeth naturally bright for your pet beautiful smile.

Natural Protection for Dog/Pet's Dental Health

Without significant care on your Pet's dental health, it could create gum and tooth disease. Then, we would like to introduce you to our natural toothpaste for Pet.

Safe to swallow, free of all harmful chemicals.

Your pets, we care. Natural Toothpaste for Pet, comes in mild herbal and fruity flavor.

* Improve bad breath and fighting plaque
* Protect and reduce gum disease
* Fluoride Free (as it is seriously poisonous to dogs)
* Salt and Sodium Free
* Natural ingredients *Inside Airless Bottle, to keep it germ free and able to use up till its last drop.

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